It all started back in 1993 (already in a technoinfected stadium) when I met DJ Hunter at a small village-club. After some drinks, we decided to buy two turntables and a mixer. We started to play at some privat parties.. well, that´s the typical way, I guess, and I finally received my first official booking one year later.  So, I started to buy my first studio-gear and I had the chance to release my debut-single "Gollum + Gary D. – Black Arrows" on EDM Records. "Plastic Enemy" with "Bulldozer" was the big follow up. The credits came over night and it became the opportunity for me to play back in 1996, for the first time ever, overseas at the "Nosebleed Club" in Scotland. More bookings followed. 


I played in the UK, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland ( Q-Dance, also I was the only german artist) and Spain/BCN, Austria, Czech , Poland where I enjoyed spinning my set in front of 10.000 people. Many releases and remix-productions, for example  "Special D.", "Cascada", "Scooter", "ItaloBrothers", "Manian", "Pulsedriver" and many more followed and I founded in the year 2000, together with "DJ Yanny" and "D.K. Both" our most successful project: "Neo Cortex". Vocal trance at it’s best. The first single sold thousands of copies which gave us the chance to produce a videoclip, which has been shown on serveral TV­ stations across Europe. Even a lot of live-performances , for example at VIVA TV in Cologne and at NBC GIGA filled in the gaps. Since then I’ve managed to have over the 300 vinyl releases and uncountable amount of digital-releases worldwide. In 2007 – I started my own label "Global Airbeatz", where I signed a lot of well known artists such as Empyre One, Money-G, T.M.O, Akustikrausch and many more. Some of my vocalists are : Scarlet (Rednex), Alex Prince, Tommy Clint, Jai Matt, NICCO and we did many successful releases together.


Since September 2013 – "Zooland Records" has been my adminstrator where new projects like L.A.R.5, DJ Gollum feat DJ Cap, T.M.O , Danny Suko & Denny Crane has been born.


Producer of: Dj Gollum , L.A.R.5 , Lars Palmas, Akustikrausch, Neo Cortex   Langenhagen, Gollum & Yanny, DJ Yanny, Shithead , 4 Elements   Palmas n Raven, Bassraiders, Most Wanted Deejays, Jan Wayne, Cosmic Commando, Luna System and many more…